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Content Creation for Marketing


What good is a great piece of content if your content marketing and sales teams struggle to use it? Whether your content is a white paper, a video or an infographic, marketers and sellers need a bit of help using it to engage customers and develop leads. Our IBM marketing client faced that challenge on a global scale.


We came up with a novel way to create and package all the supporting pieces it takes to push a piece of content out to the marketplace—in a single pass, delivered in a single zip file ready for use by local teams. Our “asset surround” package includes email copy that sellers can use to tell clients about a new white paper, that 50-word copy block for content syndication, an HTML-formatted email for outbound demand generation marketing, registration page copy and graphics, and more.


Partnering with IBM to deliver a turnkey solution, we also dedicated a talented creative team and developed a highly efficient workstream for getting it done at high volume—up to 20 packages a quarter. The result is a hands-off solution that helps our client focus on pipeline, not production.


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